Kell Kay – Bana Pwanya ft. Yo Maps & Prince Luv


A musical earthquake is upon us! Malawi’s reigning maestro, Kell Kay, has joined forces with the electrifying Zambian duo, Yo Maps and Prince Luv, to unleash a sonic masterpiece titled “Bana Pwanya.” This groundbreaking collaboration marks a momentous occasion, igniting the airwaves with a vibrant fusion of Malawian musical heritage and Zambia’s pulsating soundscape.

“Bana Pwanya,” translates to “the children of the land,” hinting at the song’s potential to unite music lovers across borders. It promises an unparalleled auditory experience, where Kell Kay’s signature Malawian melodies intertwine seamlessly with the soulful vocals of Yo Maps and the dynamic energy of Prince Luv. This musical rendezvous transcends mere collaboration; it’s a celebration of regional unity, showcasing the boundless potential that arises when artistic talents from neighboring nations converge.

Get ready to be swept away by the infectious rhythms and captivating harmonies of “Bana Pwanya.” This song is a testament to the power of cross-cultural collaboration, offering a taste of the vibrant tapestry that emerges when musical talents from Malawi and Zambia join forces. Prepare for an electrifying sonic journey that promises to captivate music enthusiasts far and wide.